liar thief whore

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liar thief whore

They said "its just like the rain*

So im living with house cool people

and the best thing is....i get to see s00z alot more

new shoes



but i think theres something missing...and i know what that is...they shouldnt be in ballymena

i miss you charlotte

and you also niamh
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liar thief whore

i like to play it tough


Apparently i have been spreading storys around about my friend "Sarah" and her boyfriend "Chrissy" is gonna hurt me bad, but, the thing is...i havent said a word....
This dude "Chrissy" near enough broke my nose when i broke up with linda and hes gonna do it again...great!

my life is getting better by the second

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liar thief whore

i used to think that music was something pure

Well...i have been mainly using my Dead Journal at the moment...user name being what_a_shmuck but as i was has been pretty down recently...shock realisations that im a jerk mainly...but i did have a amazing day with Alex, kelly, micheal and suzzy....

me and kelly spat on modern art in the water front and then got asked to leave...oh...

i was still slightly drunk from the night before...that being friday night...i was in a major state i dont recall walking home...the taxi...leaving the pub...much!

Charlotte from my ruin and random drunken nights at the venue sent me pics of my at my ruin...and some really hot ones of mick murphy and tarrie....and none of coleen...i wonder why...oh aye...we hate her

So apparently i know a guy called nail with a big fore head...that could be ANYONE from i wonder if its his mates call him cliff...maybe his parents slap him and say...go back to lisburn son of ours.

Hmmm *bonces* well i was drinking with glitter_pants_bad_seed andy, David and sinead as of the SUBWAY resturantin ballymena fame...oh if i was really gay...i would refer to her as my "soul sister"

but im not and i wont talk about my soul sister like that

anyway...major waves to all i haent seen in a while...and if you can add me to you dead journal accounts...and i see you around soon...

oh every person i encounter i cant wait to meet

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