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I feel like all I ever do is work anymore. I love working at Starbucks, so it's not that bad or anything BUT my feet/back end up killing me 5 hours into it.  And the homeless people who hang out on the patio aren't too cool, either.

uh....yeah amanda is distracting me.

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Know what my favorite thing about Ben is? His laugh. The way it sounds and his face when he's laughing. I love him so much.

Whats your favorite thing about YOUR significant other?

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Well, it looks like the BlackJack will have to wait until next paycheck. My Michaels paycheck was BARELY enough to pay rent/cell phone bill. Hopefully my Starbucks one will be more than I'm expecting. I'm going to be living off tips, so no asking Jesi to go to movies or out or anything unless you want to pay for it.

Tonight me and Ben got into a big fight and I feel horrible. Basically, I'm an idiot sometimes...alot of the time. I really do need help and I'm good at hiding things from you guys. Sorry. It's pretty sad when all of you don't really KNOW me.

Things I need to do:
Take care of hospital bill.- Freaking they charged me $2,369 for taking out my appendix. NOT ONCE did they ask me if I have insurance. WTF! I do, and I'm not paying that ridiculous amount. So, I need to call tomorrow to get that out of the way.

GET PERMIT/LICENSE-Shuddup, I know. If I do this I can drive Justin's car.

SLEEP- Self explanitory.

Friday is my last day at Michaels and I'm closing with AMY aka White Devil bka Nostrils. FUCK THAT SHIT.