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Im looking for a dare to be great situation

...If you start out depressed everything's kind of a pleasant surprise

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This journal is mainly private, so I can just write stuff for myself. A diary if you will. There are also some friends only posts. So this journal is friends only. If I know you and you wanna be added, ask.

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Geoff told me f I could do this poem in class I could do anything. I guess I can do anything.
The Real Me
the only time I want your tongue
in my mouth
is about an hour after I've eaten.
Yeah, right when the bacteria
starts to form and take their real
gut killing position.

The only time I want your tongue
in my cunt
is when it's bloody.
Yeah, so you can really
taste what's
inside a girl.

You see, baby, I want you to
taste the real me.

I want you to see that
I'm full of bacteria
that can eat you alive.

I want you to see that
I'm full of blood that
drips drips drips
four days a month.

I want to give you
my life.

What do you want to give me?

-Kathi Georges

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