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ELITE SCENE X CORE? [entries|friends|calendar]
I'll be the biggest scar in your sky.

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Bold = true [19 Dec 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]

If I was sober, would I kill caution and stay over?Collapse )


EWWWW [18 Dec 2004|01:19pm]
[ mood | empty ]

Exams allll next week, BUT on the plus side, I fucking love high school. Monday is a full day and the rest of the weekdays are half days. Well kind of. We go in at 10:30, take one exam, have a 20 minute break, take another exam, and then leave. And of course no school on Christmas, but we do have school Christmas Eve, which is intensely weird because I have never had school on Christmas Eve. I don't think anyone has, for that matter. And Monday is my birthday. I've never had to go to school on my birthday either, so that's weird too. Boooooo. BOO FOR FUCKIN HURRICANES. I hate hurricanes. The worst part isn't really that we have to make up all of the days, it's more that we have to make up all of the days and the two weeks that we missed weren't even fun. haha. THEY WERE SHITTY AND BORING AND SPENT CLEANING UP HURRICANE CRAP.

The only exam I am ready for really is my acting exam, because I have my monologue memorized. Or as much of it memorized as I need to pass the exam. And my Voice and Diction exam. It's going to be really easy, because I have to recite a monologue for that class and I know that monologue too. I have to do some other stuff also, but it's really easy and I'll ace it. My History exam is going to be a bitch. And Science too. I really need to study for Science. I actually don't think that math is going to be that hard. I was doing the prep packet and it was super easy. Umm what elseeee. TV Production. I have no idea what the exam is gonna be on in the class so I'll have to find out. I'll ask Chelsea or something. Englishhhh I don't know. It shouldn't be too hard, but I do need to finish To Kill a Mockingbird because I'm sure there will be questions about it on there.

I feel sad right now. And crappy and gay. Something in my life is missing. I just don't know what.


FRIENDS ONLY -->>> [17 Dec 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm making this journal friends only, and making all of the past entries friends only too, because journals are something private and I really don't want my parents reading this. Basically because I am a teenager and I have thoughts that I like to keep between myself and my close friends. If I wanted my parents to know all of my feelings, I would tell them. My mom hinted to me that either she or my dad had found one of my journals and I deleted them, but I'm not deleting this one because I actually use it and I love this journal, and the friends that I have on it. I refuse to believe that I am doing something wrong by keeping an online journal, but I will admit that I have been pushed to make the entries friends only because I cannot trust my parents. So if you want to be added, then add me first and comment on this entry. I'll add you back, depending on who you are. And to all of my friends that read this but don't have a Livejournal, I'm sorry that you can't read this journal anymore, but it's what I have to do.

So comment, add me, I'll add you back.



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