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___meganat0r's Journal

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20 January 1986

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Hey kids. i'm Meg. *waves* i'm 22yrs old and loving it. Depending on the week, i go through these obsessive-complusive periods where there's something i am COMPLETELY addicted to.. and 3wks later i'm done. currently i'm a full-time college student.. about a semester away from graduating. so completely ready to get it over & done with so i can start a real job. i work part time as a sales associate at Circuit City - i can sell you a camera. i'm also an amateur photgapher - i've got a website that i update occasionally eyesofthesky. check it out, if you like what you see, add! i'm a pretty friendly person.. get along with just about anybody. but at the same time i have a tendency of hating the general public - this is probably due to my 5yrs of retail experience in a small town in middle TN. *two thumbs down* anyways. so below are things that really peak my interest.. & those that don't.

just me & my camera & nature learning everything i can about something good teachers spending the day with my mom riding bikes getting lost in the words of a song good conversations with good friends being at peace with myself being able to hold an intelligent conversation surprising people saving my money my extremely varied taste in music making mix cd's for any & every occasion marathons of Frasier having the Golden Girls' theme song stuck in my head all day taking the everday & making it a photograph being me living life to its fullest


country music (primarily) x ignorance x rednecks x not having neighbors x the fact that nobody cares enough to attempt saving our enviornment despite attempting to do something on a small scale multiple times.. x when nobody listens to what i have to say x not having a voice x being unaware of the world around you x immaturity x wasting time


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