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ooh this is ridiculous. the good kind of ridiculous, though.

my latin notes today consisted of dozens of tiny little hearts and sketches of people holding hands. gaudium habeo. take that, i totally speak latin.

the keys to the welch benz are mine. i'm working on finding a good sound system, but that's unimportant right now. an ipod transmitter is all i need for the time being. thirteen days and i'm legal.

ew, picture day was today! ew, it rained this afternoon so no lax practice! ew, school sucks!

seriously though, on the grand scale of things, life is beautiful and sparkling and the possibilities are endless.

i think i've developed an addiction to caffeine, in both pill and liquid form.

if you've never heard the song in my music section, you really should.

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    well today sure was utter shit. tomorrow will be better.

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    if there is one thing i hate, it's people that lie right to my face. day in and day out.

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