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03 August 2007 @ 10:48 am
my cousin (but in my family, if your cousin is older than you, you refer to them as an aunt/uncle; i always called her aunt janis so whatever) died. well, she killed herself by overdosing on vicodin. she was fucked up, i'm not gonna lie. this family is not lacking in people like that. months later, i'm sitting here listening to my mom talk to her ex-husband (who is the one actually related to janis, my mother was related by marriage- it's faux incest) about how it's such a shame that she died. yeah, sucks that she had that problem, but she had an addiction. i view addiction as a voluntary thing and i feel little remorse for those that "struggle" with it. i wonder if i would hold the same beliefs if i hadn't personally dealt with it. either i have significant insight or i'm severely jaded.

yesterday at breakfast i sat six inches from marvin zindler's widow. she had no shame discussing her upcoming trip to las vegas and "all of this money to blow."
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