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02 August 2007 @ 08:13 am
i can't believe i was that stupid. everyone said you were bad news. your best friend (my old best friend) said you were a sociopath, and i ignored all negativity because you were so smart! mysterious! interesting!

you aren't smart, you just know a lot about shit that i don't know about because it's disturbing.
you aren't mysterious, you are mentally deranged.
and you're not by any measure interesting, as i have come to find out.

two weeks after spending two entire months with her you call me up and say you want to see me. something happened- of course something happened. that's the way things work between us. a no-strings-attached exchange and everything was cool, both with a little more than a few hours before. you showed me your new song and i dug it (because i dig all of your music), so i checked out the site again today, only to find your girlfriend. pictures of your vacation with your girlfriend. you got me to do this to someone i loved and you're doing it to someone who loves you.

maybe you two have something "worked out," where you get to play around and still have her as a backup, but that's not for me and i don't appreciate being lied to. you've deliberately side-stepped the question a few times and knowing full well that i would react very adversely, you continued to deceive me. certain people reading this will say i deserve this, and yeah, it was definitely a slap in the face, but i'm pissed off, not hurt.

so no more of that business. this will probably be the first in a series of "i hate everyone," seeing as how i'm feeling rather misanthropic lately.