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28 July 2007 @ 05:32 am
gathered around the star pizza box at avery's (the usual as of late) tonight, her godmother was giving us the "down low" on college, since she is totally in the know having graduated nearly 40 years ago. i had met the woman 30 minutes prior, and introduced myself as "mari," like i always do, because that is in fact my name. this is how it usually goes when i tell people my name:

"hi, i'm mari. nice to meet you."
"marie! hi!"
"mari.. MAHR-ee."
"oh! i'm so sorry, mary."
"it's okay, no one gets it the first time. mari, it rhymes with safari and ferrari and kalahari and calamari."
*laughter* "alright, got it now. paulianna, right?"

or some variation. tonight was no different except that this woman's name was marianne ("mary"), so whenever someone said her name i had to look up and make sure it wasn't her mispronouncing my name. okay, so back to the story. avery had just told a tale of one of our adventures and she made sure to very audibly enunciate every sound in my name. when she was done, her godmother turned to me and said "so, maura, you should really look at suchandsuch university.."

listen woman, i definitely appreciate your suggestion and all, but learn my name before you give me life-changing advice.

i think i'm going to write philosophy in the form of children's books.

saw the simpsons movie, HILARIOUS.

i had a dream earlier about a giant crab, it was friendly..

so avery and i have been making slipnslides in her backyard a lot lately. i have a weird tan and grass burns in obscure places.

i finished grapes of wrath this morning. holy cow, great book. if i have nothing else in my future home, it will be a big hammock in the sun in which i will read, because my porch just doesn't cut it.

guys suck, they're all manipulative douchebags. prove me wrong.
Current Mood: lazylazy
(Anonymous) on July 31st, 2007 03:24 am (UTC)
mari- it's avery
i love when i randomly check your thing and you've posted liek a bajillion things.
and most of them with my name in it.
Sanderserotic_sweaters on August 2nd, 2007 04:51 am (UTC)
2 things:
1. Calamari is awesome. Seriously. Totally kickass.
2. I personally don't believe I'm a manipulative person, and I'm only a douchebag to other guys and to Clara. How do I prove this? No fucking idea. Oh, and I certainly don't suck, I am the most ass-kickingly awesome person in the world. My proof for this is that I drove through montrose while playing Public Enemy at near top volume at 1:30 in the morning weekend before last.