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21 July 2007 @ 05:13 am
there's nothing wrong with painting your face every day and there's nothing wrong with swimming naked and there's nothing wrong with covering your walls in playing cards and there's nothing wrong with ending early and starting late or starting early and ending late and there's nothing wrong with eating sand and there's nothing wrong with hugging an octopus

that's my theory and i'm sticking to it

i really hope "graduation" is better than "stronger." i expect more from you, kanye west.

i got my bike back from the shop a few days ago (!!!!!!!!) now with a stronger frame (backstory: around stella link after i took too sharp of a turn, i fell and something bent, breaking something else, which tore up basically the entire back half of my bike). new wheel, tire, inner tube, etc back there and i got the whole frame reinforced. it's not as aerodynamic now, but i don't ride for speed anyway. i tested it out by riding to memorial park on thursday, which was hell, but thankfully i got there before the rain. the trees acted as a canopy and i made use of my mountain bike-style tires. the trip back was excruciating, but worth it, although i did miss jenny on her last day here.

summer! bittersweet.