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23 June 2007 @ 11:50 am
funniest experience of my life

so jenny made me go see rise over suck last night (and yes, they were fucking terrible), but in the middle of it she realized she had to take her medicine. we went outside to do this because it would be super awkward to start throwing down pills in the middle of a big crowd. she looked pretty bad already, what with the bruising and all, and us hunched together in the rain shaking probably didn't help us not look like addicts. she took the pill, and when she lowered her water cup, the air was cut with a shrill "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT MY NOSE IS BLEEDING." i guess it's only funny if you know what happened to her and were there and had seen me totally wipe out on the porch a few minutes previous. ohh dear. but the rest of the night was quite fun!