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07 June 2007 @ 09:27 pm
steve, anna, and i had a grand time perusing a used bookstore by my house today. i picked up some seriously amazing (and cheap) books, including the first volume of freud's lectures on psychoanalysis! one is a historical fiction about the soviet union and another is an acid trip of a read about subcultures ruling the universe. i need to go back for another round in a month or so, and i definitely need to go to more used bookstores that have a cat running around. oh, and i got two new dresses, which is not really useful to know. they are really cute though, and that's what matters.

earlier we (the aforementioned clan + avery + eric lew + tim) had bagels and, in steve's case, many types of bagels with assorted coffee creamers in his water. once we finished our business in the adjacent russian shop (which is, by the way, the best-kept secret of this nook of the city), we lost avery eric and tim.

somehow i ended up asleep in my bed at 830.

this was so out of order.
Current Music: john mayer