+ draco + (___malfoy) wrote,
+ draco +

Term started a few days ago. I wouldn't even be touching this bloody thing if I wasn't going to get marked down for it. This damn contraption has served no good purpose since I got it.

Has anyone else noticed the girls in our year? It looks like the summer holidays were VERY good to some of them. I saw Tracey for the first time since last year, even though we were supposed to meet up over the holidays, and I must say... wow. Pansy was walking with me when I saw her, and gave me a slap on the arm for gawkinglooking. The twit.

My N.E.W.T level classes aren't so bad. I don't know what Weasley is whining about. But then, that's all he's really good for, isn't it?

I haven't touched this thing for weeks and weeks. Mother's state of mind seemed to steadily worsen as school approached. She's a wreck without Father. I keep telling her he'll be home soon, and she believes me... but I don't.
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