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---Next Wednesday the 13th---


---Late night pool bash///bon-fire---


---7:30 to 11:30ish---


---Traci's Grand Parents---


---Be There Bitch's---




:X: This is deffinitly not an open invitation event..if you come and you weren't invited your ass will be thrown the fuck out. If your not sure if your invited feel free to ask, also if you need directions just call. :X:


(Cell #: 212-5412)




<33 Megan

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well me and chelsea are babysitting .. and we're going to cedar point tomorrow! woop!

so cheerleaders i have a question... i hear that u all think im a bitch? because traci told me that dana and kelsey zachow told her that the whole team thinks so. huh.

well yeah i re-did my journal again :)


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yeah man .. chelsea is still here and we're having fun :) but yeah i think the RUDEST thing happened today.. first someone calls and asks for chelsea, number one RUDE. i HATE when people do that... you dont call someone elses house and ask for someone whose there to hang out later. big no no. number two rude thing. we go to this persons house to get our clothes.. and this person pulls chelsea inside, and leaves me on the front porch. that is seriously the rudest thing that anyone has ever done to me. and that just makes me dislike this person even more. damn people these days where the hell were you raised??

well ne ways.. i went to the ortho today and well im getting braces next week. lucky me. oh well at least i'll have pretty teeth, and i only have to have them on for a year. haha sucks to be some people who've had them for like 5 already lol. losers.

dude. i cant decide who im hanging out with next year, deff. not this extremly rude person tho because shes going to have no friends if she keeps up her a-hole-ness.

i want to go school shopping.

well im out.

tumbling tonight :0 *horror movie sound effects.. ehhh ehhh ehh*

hah im gay.

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uhhhh yeah so im hanging out with chels right now :)

well i dont feel like updating but yesterday, at practice, coach told us that she was moving to florida at the end of the month. we all just started crying and everything.. omg it was so sad. im not going to update about it, because i'll start crying again.. but it deff. sucks a lot. no one will ever replace her.

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ok so i havent updated in a while because i have no time to.
well i've been hanging out with the posse mostly, aaaand they are thee greatest.
but we had some little fights, but we're alright now. i almost had my bhs, then i lost it, and now idk where im at, and i really dont care. im going up north on wednesday and not coming home till monday, yay. aaand yesterday was our car wash, which was a lot of fun. aaaaaaaand what else. ummm oh yes, yesterday me ashley and becker had a lot of fun sittin on ashleys porch laughing it up. and slip n sliding. which i am about to do right now with kasey n liv, so i'll update prolly never. hah.

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today was fun
last night traci spent the night and everything and then she went home and i went to rachels and chilled over there for a while, then we went over to olivias and watched them swim haha then back to rachels and then we went to my house and cleaned my room then melissa stephanie and olivia all came in my room and we hung out there then again, went back to rachels house. hah then we went outside n saw kasey and all them so we ended up hanging out with kasey , pj , olivia, ben, nick, rachel, ashley, tori, stephanie, melissa, ian, anthony, and some other little kids idk who they were but we watched them skate and me kasey tori n ashley had our little group body warmth thing goin on and kasey like crushed me lol yeah it was a lot of fun.. we were lightin off fire crackers n shit.. i <3 those kids like mad crazy man. each n every one of them! specially one in preticular ;) haha you guys dont need to know who that is ... but yeah i guess tomorrow we're doing the same thing which is fine with me :D well comment if you love me.

uh, i have camp pics, so when i feel like scanning them they'll be up here.

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camp was so so much fun!

i really dont want to go into great detail because theres so much to say.. but it was a lot of fun.

stacie cut my hair, we got silly stringed and coach blamed it on us and we got yelled at ... 15 hours of practice a day and 8 hours of sleep in 2 nights.. definatly a blast. if you want the details read krystinas journal...

i love you girlsssssssss!!

oh yes, and krystinas basket toss rocked like no other.
and and and if me and kayla oberlander are good enough, we get to fly for basket tosses ;) score.

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This whhhole week I`ve had cheer..
and yesterday ryan and ashley came over.
Ryan broke my bed.
Lol. oh well it was a POS ne who.


Welllllllll ne ways we had cheer today and it wasnt that bad.. so yeah i went to meijers after and got my sports bras, knee pads, a fan, pop, chips, and a whole bunch more all for camp. I'm SO excited for it! it's gonna be funnn!


Kelsey was here.. as you know, and i have pictures.



me n kelsey!Collapse )



comment dears.

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stole this from kaitlynn :)

x. Slept in your bed:  um, me
x. Saw you cry: woo the whole 8th grade man
x. Made you cry: aww, the thought of traci dying. lol dont ask
x. You shared a drink with: uh, im not sure
x. You went to the movies with: me n kelsey!
x. You went to the mall with: my mom
x. Yelled at you: my dad
x. Sent you an email: coach

x. Said "I Love You" and meant it:  yes
x. Gotten in a fight with your pet: lmao, my hamster. oh yeah
x. Been to California: no, i was supposed to go with traci
x. Been to Hawaii: no but we are this summer
x. Been to Mexico: nope
x. Been to China: no
x. Been to Canada: yes
x. Danced naked: lol no
x. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: AHH YEAAHH
x. Wish you were the opposite sex: lol sometimes
x. Had an imaginary friend: everyone has when they were little man
x. Do you have a crush on someone: no not really..
x. What book are you reading now:  nothing
x. Worst feeling in the world:  watching the guy you like like someone else
x. Future son's name: idk
x. Future daughter’s name: Skye
x. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: a ton
x. What's under your bed: nothing
x. Favorite sport to watch: HOCKEY
x. Siblings: 2
x. Location: Chestertucky
x. College plans: UofM.
x. Piercings/tattoos: ears
x. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: notta

x. Do you do drugs: nooooo
x. Do you drink: occasionaly
x. Who is your best friend:  Traci<3
x. What are you most scared of: ehh idk
x. What clothes do you sleep in:  shorts and a shirt
x. Where do you want to get married:  a water wedding dude.
x. Who do you really hate: no one really
x. Been in Love: idk  not really
x. Do you drive: occasionally ;)
x. Do you have a job: no
x. Do you like being around people: yeaaaah
x. Are you for world peace:  uh yes

x. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: yes
x. Have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: yep
x. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: HOCKEY BOYS!
x. Want someone you don't have right now:  yeah stephen
x. Are you lonely right now: nope

x. Song thats stuck in your head a lot: vindicated
x. Do you want to get married: yeah
x. Do you want kids: 2

x. Room in house:  mine
x. Type(s) of music: ehh anything really
x. Band(s): taking back sunday, story of the year, blink 182, yellow card, sugarcult
x. Color: hot pink and bright green
x. Perfume or cologne: um, all mine lol
x. Month: july

x. Cried:  yes
x. Bought something: yeah
x. Gotten sick: yeah
x. Sang: yeah
x. Wanted to tell someone you loved them:  yeah
x. Met someone new:  yeah
x. Missed someone: YES KASEY
x. Hugged someone: yeah
x. Kissed someone: yah