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15th, August 2005

my hair is BLONDE. that lady doesnt know what "light golden brown" means.

5 Came True Summer Dreams

9th, August 2005
[ mood | happppy ]

mkay so me and some friends were thinking - scince summers like over - we should all have a little...
"get together" at centenial beach. i think it would be really fun.. me jazzy mary and dana are going for sure on like saturday i think...i'll probly IM u or sumthing and ask if u can go, lol. so ya if u wanna go...go this saturday!

so i know that ur going.. comment or sumthing. or IM me! im sure i really want u to come!!


5 Came True Summer Dreams

4th, August 2005
[ mood | happy/exited ]

i know that school starts in like 3 weeks. but ill say this anyways...

ok this summer so far has seriously been the best SO FAR! and i got closer to alot more people. and im sure you all know who you are. thers alot of you. and you guys are awesome! and i just hope that next year we'll all be friends still - and im sure we will - and like even tho i left scullen for w/e reason - you guys still were like my friend and stuff, and we had/have so many great times together, there are so many inside jokes with all of you! - so thanks alot you guys for bieng the best! and hopefully you guys know who you are! im sure you will. see you guys soon.

xo♥xo vivi

10 Came True Summer Dreams

2nd, August 2005
mkay -

so me and devin are cool now.

but i dont know about me and...nvm.

lol well im free like all next week. anyone wanna hang?


8 Came True Summer Dreams

31st, July 2005
ok so yesteday i went to six flags. it was great.

Hadye her sis and mary like forced me to get on raging bull. and i didnt want to. but like her sister kept on pinching me. so i did, lol. and we were like getting ready for the drop. and i was so scared...like 2 little tears came down. lol.and by the time went down the first drop - i loved it! it was so fun.and we went on it again at night and we saw Mr.Todnem.... he was sitting right infront of us. oh and we went on superman (i wasnt scared at all tho b/c i already went on raging bull and its bigger than superman) and we waited in line for 3 hours. i know... thats crazy. lol.

and we went on batman... that ones always fun...and ofcourse demon and viper...hahaa

yah it was really fun!

4 Came True Summer Dreams

29th, July 2005
me dana hayde and mary had an awesommme sleepover.

it was sooo fun. ok...

so we went to the skate park and tehre was this reallllly realllly hot guy and he was just so cute - and like next thing i know he starts smoking weed. and i was liek omg thats a really big turn off. but i didnt tell it to his face...so then we walked to danas house and then like 5 min. later - we hear a skateboard... and it was him.. and he still getting high, and me hayde mary and dana were like "hey u, yah u, weed kills! ur hot but dont smoke, thats a turn off you know!" and he was soo fucking high he like couldnt even hear us or anything. it was quite halarious to my brian. lol

so anyways. i might go to 6flags tommarow with hadye and mary...AGAIN! yay! cant wait!

18 Came True Summer Dreams

27th, July 2005
ok so today the waiting game is comming to downtown Naperville and im gunna go see them with devin and ally and maybe some more people...its gunna be fun! u should go!(its for free)


the best people on earth are comming back tonight from Mexico!

Hayde and Mary! and guess what? were gunna have a platinum sleepover. hahaha

4 Came True Summer Dreams

24th, July 2005
ok...well those of u who have myspace might know that someone has been logging into my myspace and sending things to my friends on myspace saying...

"i hate you"
"i hope u die"
i never liked you"..and then they put " <3 vivi" (b/c i always do that)

and anyway.. what im trying to say is...

whoever is doing it - FUCK OFF U PIECE OF SHIT. just b/c u have no fucking friends and ur always bored or w/e doesnt mean that u have to be going onto my myspace

anyways...if anyone knows something - will you tell me?
2 Came True Summer Dreams

21st, July 2005
ok well u might know that thers this website and its this thing that u can prank anyone u want (on AIM) - and all u have to do is add there sn and put the convo. (w/e u want to say to them - and its a totally fake SN) - and someone and i dunno who did it to me - and they were like " hey i met u on myspace, i think ur so hot" and i was like " who is this" and they were like " u seem interseting can we chat some more" and i was like " i duno who u r so im gunna block u, or u can stop talking to me " and they were like "awww why cant we talk" and then i finally blocked whoever it was.. then some other sn IMed me and it was like " THIS WHOLE TIME U HAVE BEEN TALKING TO A ROBOT,u have just been pranked by one of ur friends, they have been reading the conversation this whole time they are laughing there ass off. u can get revenge at.. www. (i dont remember). com....

lol im glad i didnt fall into the "prank" or w/e

lol if someone did this to u then tell me. lol i wanna know!

♥ you
7 Came True Summer Dreams

19th, July 2005
"A girl died in 1933 by a homicidal murderer. He buried her in the ground when she was still alive. The murdered chanted, "Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. She will suffocate you like she was suffocated. If you post this, she will not bother you. Your kindness will be rewarded."

I think thats pretty fucking scary. so do it. lol
2 Came True Summer Dreams

18th, July 2005

photobuckets bieng gay, so here are the pics.!


haha devin looks like shes on crack

im picking my noseeee and theres dan in the back


devins doing my "makeup" lol



haha i look halarious! ...me and ash

Devin and ash

awwww thais is a cute one of me and dev!



now me and dana...

haha loooooserrrrr

we were hyper. lol

what u lookin at?! haha


charleys angels?! lol


trojan condoms! i just grabbed the first one i saw! lol



the 4th of july!..mary hayde and dana. there not that many

rip,slip,brush ahhh! lol, gettin ready for the rib fest

me and dana!



sleepover with mary and hayde....






lol, we were cleaning out flipflops!


lol mary



again..i think she was on the phone with mike... those of uwho went to alisas party...it was that mike! (HES SO HOT!)

haha it sorta looks like a dildo. but its those things that u play with...u stick ur fingersw through the sides...

lol the end.

leave one!


6 Came True Summer Dreams

12th, July 2005
Name 20 of your friends


who is #8 going out with? no one i think
is #9 a boy or a girl? girl
would #11 and 2 make a good couple? haha NO, there not lesbians
how bout #18 and 4? lol again...
what grade is #17 in? freshman
when was the last time u talked to #12? yesterday night
who is #6 favorite band? she doesnt have one
does #1 have siblings? yesh! Dan.
would u ever date #3? sry im not a lesbian, lol
is #16 single? yupp
whats #15's last name? Ruiz
whats #10 middle name?sry dont know this oneee
whats #5's favorite thing to do? haha talk to guys!
is #13 hot?oh yesh, anna is hot. haha
would #14 and #19 make a good couple? hmm not really!
what school does #20 go to? Nequa!!
one random fact about #11 - shes on a swimming team!
and number 3 - she lived in argentina!
have u ever had a crush on #15? haha no
where does #9 live? glenmier!
whats number 4's favorite color? black and white
would you makeout with #14? uhm i dunno.
are #5 and #6 best friends? nope, they dont really know eachother
does #7 like #20?hmmmmm i dunno, do u ally?! haha
does #8 like #19? as a friend (wait, i dunt even know if they are friends) :/
how did you meet #2? 6th grade, school! we became close in P.E!
how did u meet #18? from Jazzy, we never really talked in school.
does #10 have any pets? uhmmm omg! erin, i dont know this one!..sry
is #12 older than you? i think so
is #17 the sexiest person alive? haha sure
does #2 have any cute siblings? haha her sister is a girrrrl so no.
what about #16?of course! its DEVINNNN!

any thoughts?! haha leave onee!
5 Came True Summer Dreams

9th, July 2005
[ mood | happppy ]

~so i had a garage sale at my grammas house, i got 50$! yay.

time to shop!

~hung out with Dana, we went to Subway then to dominiqes...we took some halarious pics! ill post then later! (we took some pics of trojan condoms, lol ok sry!) then we went to blockbuster to get exorsist 2, it was so gay! not even figgin scary AT ALL. then dana did my hair! ill post those pics later! then we were so bored, we took some silly pics!

~then i went to lou malnati's with my family and my parents friends. OMG! AND WE SAT FIGGIN NEXT TO THAT FAMOUS DANTE ..something! but we were sitting RIGHT NEXT to him! lol, he gave me his autograph! but its really sloppy so yah i cant tell his last name, i forget it, oops!lol

<333 silly willy number 2! (me)

2 Came True Summer Dreams

4th, July 2005
PICTURES!Collapse )
12 Came True Summer Dreams

3rd, July 2005
[ mood | happppy ]

my summer's been great!

how's yours?

leave one.

6 Came True Summer Dreams

1st, July 2005
[ mood | happppppy ]

so iw ent over Danas for a sleepover with hayde and mary.
we slept in haydes tent lol it was soooo fun! we were scaring eachother with our "texes chain saw masecar, white noise, ghosts, and haydes moms old haunted house that she lived in". lol.

then i hung out with ashley and tay~tay!

we put grass on fire! it was our little "bon fire" lol

whatever we talked about stayed in our "bonfire of trust"! lol!

then we went by devins nieghboorhood and hung out with raphe dan ben adn some other pple.

yah it was fuuuuun.

k well me and ashley r going to the drive in tommarow, if ya wanna come IM us!

2 Came True Summer Dreams

30th, June 2005
[ mood | confused ]

new lj backround n everything.

ally did it for me. isnt it cute?

thanks ally.

well, life is confusing right now for me. im starting to know who my true friends are. and who my fake friends are.

5 Came True Summer Dreams

24th, June 2005
yupp so i just got back from Ashley and Alisa's party...funnn!

umm all i really remember is we went outside and jummped on the trampoline. oh wait some stuff happend b4 that!!

*cough*cough* ashley and scott

and some other dumbasses were pissing me off. 2faced people exite me b/c then i wanna punch them in there fucking face. but then Devin convinced me not to. yah i got sooo mad that time. i seriously wanted to go up to her and be liek hey, ur a hoe, then beat her ass down. haha
yah enough aboet that shit and her!back to the good stuff!

um then drama with my girlie dev and soemone else... ;) (cant say who)

then Alisa's lil bro was like molesting me! whoa, he touched my ass about 3 times. scary shit right thurr.

then paislee kept on calling Alisa's cell phone and i picked up and i was like "HIIIIEY WHO IS THIS!?" and she was like "paislee who r u" im like "im a ninth grader, oh yah ur a lesbian ass hoe!" then i hung up.

yah then mary catherine kept on calling Alisa's cell and well she likes scott ...Doring, and um i was pretending to be him.halarious times dev and scott.hehe.
yah and i left my Cd flipflops and hot hot sun glasses there. lol alisa i need those.

yupp so if your wondering why im updating now its b/c i have to go to the dells tommarow morning and i couldnt sleepover. so yupp ill see you all on monday!

13 Came True Summer Dreams

17th, June 2005
[ mood | happy ]

my summers been great! wow, i love all my friends here are just a couple ;)
















ummmmmmmm cant think, i think thats all! lol




16 Came True Summer Dreams

13th, June 2005
Freshman schedual :

1.Advisory - Owles

2.Biology - Ruzicka

3.English - Piatek

4.World Geography - Polanski

5.Luch (all year)

6.Algebra I - Haas

7.Reading - (??) Wo Lynch (i dunno, sumthin is cut off)

8.P.E. - Cohen

9.Study Skills - Fehrenbac

10 Came True Summer Dreams

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