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i've got two small hands. [entries|friends|calendar]
"dear cream-cheese, i love you"-bagel

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turnip-head [10 Mar 2020|11:07pm]

school; hell week::

tuesday: 11:30- his 104 test number three (worky work 1:00-8:30)
wednesday: 12:20 ab psy 202 test number three
                         3:00 eng 102 paper number two due
thursday: study group art 107 (worky work 1:00-8:30)
friday: art 107 test number three
           his 104 essay assign. (finish friday evening)
           lib. day for all research paper
saturday: start of his 104 res. paper (intro/body one/body two)
                 worky work (11:00-8:30)
sunday: finish his 104 res. (body three/con.)
               worky work (11:00-7:30)
monday: turn in papers, collapse into deep REM for a few hours.
tuesday: V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!

mat 110: B (pre-cal blows)
his 104: A (my abusive boyfriend)
art 107: A (my secret lover)
ab psy 202: A (reason for my flat affect)
eng 102: A (nap time)

general education bothers me. well rounded well sh-mounded... i wanna just wanna draw junk, MERCY!
i heaps miss those summer evenings; late, hot nights when my karate record would spin on side A over and over again. (some boots).
the slammers used to drive down from summerville and we would sneek into the park-west pool and skinny dip like we were really skinny. sometimes i even miss ol' battery adventures; and bike-trick contests on crowded king street side walks.
i heaps miss the freedom of irresponsibility and the gaps inbetween my aspirations and my apathy.
i miss singing; "well I am a one man rent strike, and your couch is my picket line. well I'm eating acid for breakfast and puking all over the sidewalk this time. but mostly I'm just full of shit in a world that's already filled up with that, so if Aaron makes it to space, then I ain't coming back. well I am an artist if that means that there's a cigarette in my mouth. well I'm a punk rocker if that means that I smell pretty bad right now. but mostly I'm just kind of crazy in a world full of madness and pain. we waited there in the yard, but the train never came." with kennedy and kauffy. 

maybe more drawing one day... if my life ever comes back to life.


robecca, ro-schmecka [15 Jan 2015|11:22pm]
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me and my new camara (baby loves her camara).
soooo, i will be taking many photos from now on, no excuses just delightful camara! 


88's concubine. [18 Nov 2010|07:21pm]

lemme just say, i am in love with my new pen set.
(p.s. if you would like a special picture made, i am esp. receptive to ideas and i will make it for you for free of course)

(total facial)

we're sometimes twins. [15 Nov 2010|04:24pm]

i've been living like a wild, shiftless hobo as of late.
i woke up at 11(am) and finished the inking on said drawing above, and then i burned some cup'o'soup.
and because i was too lazy to make another, i ate it anyway.
then, i took a nap on the couch.
it was a super long nap, 'cause i woke up with my little brother banging on the door(4pm)--- with 2 friends.
yeah, so the house smells like cheap, burnt-jappy-jap food, i'm all nanight and grungy, and bra-less... and these two kids are looking at me like i'm the biggest loser. i was gross.

i need to start acting like a girl.


find a decent animal and love it. [11 Nov 2010|08:26pm]

that took a while to post, sorry jon... i think i missed my deadline.
none the less, this one is for you and your lady.
i hope you like it so much you two will skin a unicorn and make a baby to commerate this momentious occasion!

i hope your boston trip is amazing-azing-hazing stuff!



(cherry blosses)


it will always be a part of you. [30 Oct 2010|03:45pm]

these are the things i like to draw.
keep checking back for more.

-shanna matuszak

p.s. i also like comments and questions



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