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walking in place
we wave the smoke out of our face and then we see you
hellos and goodbyes
the door still shuts in our eyes and we still leave you

and all that is hoped for is after this wild girl
o hope that you smile when youre singing
after the smiles gone and after that time girl

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okay so somehow since that last post i've been touched by an angel or something.
last week people began to offer me things left to right.
free rent if i move in with my mersadies.
wow. i can't even believe that.
i'm just not sure if it's the right decision to make but
i think i'm gonna do this.

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i dropped two classes.
i need another job to survive because the juice just isn't cutting it anymore.

i can't afford my own place still.
i don't know what i want my major to be.

& it's time for a new look.
going to start going to the gym again
in april i'll be doing some hair modeling so i'll take this opportunity to go back to being a blonde again... (;

hmmmm. just gonna hit the bowl then hit the sack.