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___inutero's Journal

11 October 1990
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my username is from my 2005 nirvana obsession. please excuse the 14 year old me.

i'm from australia. melbourne, to be specific. i run local all-ages shows in the eastern suburbs, i'm about to finish high school at a purple school, fruity lexia and bourbon are my truest of loves (not together of course), along with live music and good electro.
give me summer nights talking shit on my best friend's veranda and summer days at a festival. and don't worry, even my own mother forgets i'm lactose intolerant.

Credit to encircleme for my awesome fight club mood theme :D
if you see me using an icon of yours and i haven't credited you, post a comment on my public entry and i'll fix it right away.

find me on myspace and facebook.