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j e n n <3
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LAYOUT CREDiT = __rawrlayouts . thanks so much :)

ICON CREDIT ; obsessive__love . thanks sooooo muchh !! =)

(THE GiRL) jenn. addicted to pacsun. northbroward prep. fallen in love & cant get out. has the greatest friends everr. music is life.

(LOVES) him =). surf shorts. pacsun. music. bestfriends. hot topic. gadzooks. ron jon surf shop. DC's. pink&green. lightblue&brown. livejournal. myspace. boys. surfer boys. emo boys. (haha). propel. taking pictures. reading. writing. dancing. shopping. going to the beach. listening to music. talking on the phone&computer. my dorkular lover gabby. inside jokes. parties. fooodd. swimming. basketball. football.

sluts. bitches. whores. posers. hot peppers. tomatoes. girls that try to be called "popular" when it means absolutely nothing. guys that think they're all cool & can treat girls like shit. fights. grudges. scary movies. bad books. users. assholes. man-whores.

(MUSiC) i listen to every kind of music. literally. from punk rock to christian. haha, except for classical jazz stuff. my favorite kinds of music are punk rock & classic rock. the BEST & FAVORiTE bands/singers are ; new found glory, something corporate, the startling line, bowling for soup, fall out boy, steve miller band, mariah carey, guns n' roses, & AC/DC. oh & the coolest song is cherry pie by warrant. haha =) <33 music is my boyfriend.

(CREDITS) my hott information box was created by __lovesxsuicide @ ru_invite

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