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Jo-Ann's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[03 Sep 2008|04:05pm]
grow the fuck up.

[14 Nov 2007|02:18pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Regret destroyes my life.
i'm not one to take risk's, & that sucks.

problems make life interesting, & solutions are what life is revolving around. 
truth be told, i desperatly want to be complimented.
i want to feel good about myself to the point of where i draw some attention.
fuck people who think that they can put someone down, just so they can feel better about themselves. 
nobodys perfect.
people need to open up their chauvinistic eyes & realize that their not better than society, & sometimes its good to be different. 
but sometimes we need to be alike; & maybe if we were, we'd all see the beauty of one another. 

im realizing that there are deeper curves and angles of the world, im learning to appreciate more & complain less.
& i know that  the difference between me & other kids my age is where they complain i see that we can be the change we want in the world. 
change is contagious, as is maturity and insight into life. 

but no, everyones the same & everyone sucks.

"those who take chances may not always live forever, but those who take none, may not live at all."

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dont laugh & judge, it's closer than any song will ever come. [16 Sep 2007|09:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

i wish i could live off photography and writings i make.

im pretty sure your aware of this situation we have going on here.
but im not bold enough to articulate my feelings to you
so ill just sit and wait here, agian.
this unremitting circle of hesitation draws me in and out.
im so unsure of what i want from you, that i disregard how time passes.
im hooked, and im terrified that when you realize it, things will change.
i shouldnt alter my mind, just to get you off it.
goodbye, this farewell wont last long.
it will only be a few days til my mood fluctuates once agian, and i come grudgingly back to you.
your always there, in the back of mind, mixed with feelings and thoughts of love, lyrics and the faith that i have in you.
school just isnt the same without you, as are the weekdays spent without your sparkle, and hilarity.
im certain that im not the one you want.
& i trust you to believe me when i say " i dont deserve you. "
i dont deserve anything from anyone.

so go ahead, take what you want from this.
it may not even be you sweetheart.
i know what im asking for is unattainable, atleast im that far.
dont worry i can handle rejection, ive been taking it my whole life.

had a good time these past few days.
im hoping school for a week wont be so bad.

010. [12 Aug 2005|01:32am]
[ mood | high ]

comment anonymous on what you think of me.
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FRIENDS ONLY [24 Feb 2005|12:10pm]

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