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I love:
starbucks doubleshots
riding in cars with people under the influence
big hair
things that smell like grapefruit
pink floyd
the 80s
microwave popcorn
my cell phone
jay and silent bob
buying underwear
bad 90s comedies on VHS
knowing the time
my vagina
Detroit Rock City

hello this is maggie

i have decided to post my very own live journal entry via miki's loveliness. i have never looked at live journal before and so do not know what is expected. today was a good day. i -don't remember much. bt right now my heart is fluttering with anticipation for lots of stuff. like bring 17 and doning dirty bad things that i will get away with but not my sister. haha she is not smooth. i must go now and play a game. the game.
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*Phone rings*
Person: "Hello is David there?"
"No, he's not here right now."
"Are you his son?"
"No, I'm his daughter."
......I'll call back later."

Me = born the wrong gender

I'd make such a kick ass guy.
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1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

My Questions (curtosy of Laura)
1. Describe how you imagine your 30 year old self.
I'm gonna be a work-a-holic. I'll live in an apartment having one-night stand after one-night stand or, every now and then, a short 2 month relationship (because you know me and commitment). My only roommate will be my cat and I'll have way too much furniture for the space. Hopfully I'll own my own buisness, like a bakery or condom company (seriously). Ummm, yeah moving on.

2. You are in charge of a country, in a magical land where logic isn't a big restriction, nor are typical boring problems, etc. What would your country be like?
Weeeeeell, everyone would be naked and the climate would, therefore, always have to be pleasant. Chocolate would flow in rivers and all fruits would be in season year-round. People would only have to go to school from 9-2:30 and, of course, most of that would be spent having intelligent discussions or playing music. Everyone MUST know how to play a minimum of one instrument and they have to know how to have a civil conversation about music (although sometimes impassioned arguments are quite fun). Everywhere would be clean, CLEAN I SAY! and everyone recycles all the time.

3. You in haiku form?
Worn out shoes and music
Don't look over your shoulder
The future is coming
(DISCLAIMER: This really sounds more pho-deep than it's supposed to but I've been out of practice *coughAMELIAcough*)

4. What are three things you are determined to do before you die?
Float weightlessly, visit every country in the world at least once, play at least one season with a professional concert band and/or orchestra

5. When you think back on your life so far, are there any events, or lengths of time, that stand out as particularly influential?
Last year changed me a lot. I went through a period after i quit gymnastics when I was really conflicted about who I was. Then after that period I was able to enjoy life and make decisions about myself that I couldn't face before. It was a dramatic time and i really liked it. Also, 5th grade. That was a shaping time, I think I was making my transition from a bratty little kid to a bitchy control-freak of a pre-teen.

Good questions Laura, this was really entertaining.
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I really don't apreciate having to squah my feelings into 500 words or less. It feels so impersonal and like what happened isn't worth the readers time. Fuck this...
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