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she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor

just for the attention

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hi i'm krissy

i was born 'kristen' but vetoed that name my senior year of high school.

i'm known for my energy, optimism, and unfaltering smile. i change my hair more than the average girl, and would really like to do voice over acting for cartoons.

i love to surprise people. i love making people laugh. i'm creative.

i love swingsets and spending time with my friends. i love roller coasters and watching movies. i think the beach is amazing. i frequently consume raw cookie dough and see life through the lens of my digital camera. i think penguins are fantastic animals and i'm also a fan of polar bears & dinosaurs.

the happiest nights of my life have been spent with my friends doing sporadic things not limited to puddle jumping in the pouring rain, playground hopping, scavenger hunts, and dressing up like pirates.

one of my favorite things ever is seeing people i haven't seen in a while and just catching up. i love to talk and i love to listen.

i love acting and singing and just having fun. i love brightly colored shoes that don't match anything and fun, plastic jewelry.

i try my hardest not to take anything for granted and to seize every single day and smile as much as possible. i'm pretty much always happy because you know what, they say you only live once but when you live life with a smile on your face and love in your heart... once is enough <3

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