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yay cheesecake :DD

-went to bed at 1:30 am last night//today technically due to the am part of 1:30 am.
-woke up and went to school
-history first... handed in my WW2 propaganda posters woottt
-then state testing... i missed drama :( + part of physics :DDD the test was so easy i finished with an hour to go... sat there and took pictures when corinne and emily finished, tried to study spanish but couldnt concentrate... did random things...
-then physics... never fun.
-lunch... had fun trying to catch popcorn with my hand... jill was amazing at it and i couldnt even catch one [not athletic = me]
-band... took emo pictures hahaha so crazyyy [update with them soon hopefullyyyy]
-pre-calc... student teacher man is teaching us :D
-yearbook afterschool... the pages me morgan sean and other children had done didnt save correctly... i think we have to redo them D;
-driving lesson at 2, went to aaa at about 1:56... expected the guy to be there, he wasn't.... at 2:08 he still wasn't so we had the lady call the place... the guy says my teacher is on the way. we call again at 2:30 after another driving teacher arrives and goes with another student for a 2:30 lesson… was all confused because the people usually aren’t late, at 2:36 my teacher, Frank arrives… turns out the guy that organized everything had forgotten to tell him I had a lesson…..
-drove around downtown Woonsocket and did a lot of highway driving… yay lane changing + taking exits!
-A CAT RAN RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME D;!!! AND IT WAS ALL BLACK but I slowed down and waited for the kitty to cross the road :D and I was like “nooo kitty don’t run in traffic!” when it ran by and Frank was like “it’s a black cat! And it crossed your path!” and I was like “eep :[“
-got back to aaa around 4:33ish… woot.
-went to chelos with my mommy :]
-came home and started homework… fell asleep, woke up at 9:45 and now I have like all my homework to do :[[[[
-wrote this lj entry!
-and now i'm doing homework :(
-sorry if this entry is boring children, I felt the desire to tell you of my adventures today.

and idk if there's gonna be school tomorrow... 4-8 inches... idk :/ but ms. ahern said the office seemed to think there MIGHT be a snow day...
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