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Lady Gaga 1

she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor

just for the attention

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Lady Gaga 1
my journal is mostly friends only, with occasional public posts.
if you want to be added on, leave a comment with;;;

[1] your name.
[2] something about you.
[3] why you want to be on my friends list.

[1] comment on my journal every once in a while.
[2] be nice :)

&&&that's it.

kthx ♥

PS: i'm not going to take anyone off my friends list that's currently on it, but you all can comment anyway, because comments are amazing :)

My name is Matt.
I love late night chats about Harry Potter.
I want to be on your friends list because I am obsessed with you and you are amazing.

That is all.

i think that you are fabulous.

1.] My name is Cassandra!
2.] Remember we made that Frizbee club together in gym? Yes that was special. I was in it. Oh, and, I love ponies too!
3.] 'Cause I love reading your journal!

of course! i ♥ you!
and haha that club was the most amazing club ever.


1. my name is george
2. i'm a mexican beanfarmer, and i live in guatemala. NO QUESTIONS
3. because your lj holds the top secret plans to the -- uh, because you're awesome.

yeah hi i'm dumb, heh

1) Hi i'm Ally
2) I am a Dance Major at RIC
3) and this is because you are awesome. and you like cameras and LJ as much as i do. :D


OMFG, what's your AIM screen name?
I must talk to you!

Wow, I had to comment and say the anonymous person above me is really creepy.

Much love <3

haha LOVE YOU YAY!!!!!!!! hehe

I never commment D:>

Kristen! It's Katie, I'm back. Will you be my friend? If you even still use this journal/username...

Everyone is friends only now so I don't know what's going on >.<


[1] your name.
[2] something about you.
[3] why you want to be on my friends list.

1 i am ana

[1] your name.
[2] something about you.
[3] why you want to be on my friends list.

1 I am ana
2 I like to chat online, make new friends, and go shopppin, talk about boys..
3 i want to be on ur friends list becuase i want to get to know u and i like to meet new ppl

thanz for the add.. ur awesome just stoppin by leave me comments.. bye

add me back / keep me? ♥

i'd like it if you would take me off of your friends list, please. thank you.