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"she is our stepsister, and the invitation did say 'to all the ladies of the house...'"

i woke up and i had this dream that i was on the phone with nate and he said he was just "chilling and watching the eclipse" and i was like "DUDE I FORGOT ABOUT THE ECLIPSE" so i grabbed my camera and darryl ran outside with his camera but then realized he'd grabbed a fish instead [...?] so i was taking pictures of the eclipse then it turned out i was on a game show which was in my front yard [...? again] so then the host put me at this table and i remember corey and val and like random people from school were there and they started asking us all these questions and we had to write the answers on little notecards and i was jealous because the girl next to me had purple and i had white. and they asked questions about my stepaunt...? and i guess i was related to this random girl at my school haha
so then we handed in the answers and then they just looked at them and then passed them back out to whoever was leaving... and i was like "NO MY ANSWERS ARE PERSONAL" and i kept trying to take everyone's card haha and then as i was leaving i saw john keetz and liz pare and they were like "dude did you see that gangster kid in the second row" and there was this kid spray painting grafitti on a wall and i was like "he looks scary, let's leave." so i left and then i was back in my yard and the host of the show was there and he was watching the eclipse on my house's steps... and he was like "finally you came, i had something to tell you" but then the "eclipse" came down [the eclipse was like this star that bounced all around] and then the eclipse came toward me and roxie and the guy was like "don't move, it will leave you" so i didn't move and it left but then it hit pongo and buster and they like dropped down and i was like "what is going on!" and the host was like "if it hits you you die" and i was like "nooooooooooo" but then pongo and buster woke up again and i was happy :D and then i woke up i think.

then i had another dream before where i was in school and these people i know kept coming up to me and telling me we had to hang out... but then someone else came up to me and i told them i didn't like them and they locked themselves in a locker... kinda random.

so, does anyone else have random//odd dreams?


stolen from chrissyyyy

Ten People I Enjoy The Company Of:

1. kriss
2. morgan
3. chrissy
4. corinne & her familia ♥
5. rachel&nate [they count as one.]
6. ericavaljilliankatherinedevinjotaandrewfishydaveandallofthebandchildrenincludingthenowjuniorslikejamiandsheilastevetrevorkanaandDAN
7. emilycoreyjonkyndraandeveryonenotinbandthatstillhangoutwitheveryone
8. jess x 2
9. mr. hurley
10. julia and jess
&filiz too :p

Nine Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. be in some sort of broadway show
2. swim with dolphins
3. own a convertible [even if it spells DECAPITATION according to my old driver's ed teacher]
4. get married
5. write a published novel [stolen from chrissy :p]
6. pet a polar bear and NOT get eaten.
7. go on a roadtrip
8. have a job that i love to go to each day
9. change someone's life [gah stolen from chrissy againnn]

Eight Things I'm Wearing:
1. black pants that zip off to make capris :]
2. my green shirt
3. my katie decubellis bracelet
4. 7 other bracelets
5. sandals with kitties on them
6. a hair elastic with a huge plastic puppy on it haha i couldn't find any others
7. a black and hotpink necklace with stars on it that jiwian gave meee
8. underwear with hello kitty on them :D

Seven Things On My Mind:
1. something.
2. exams
3. why am i reading a book written by britney spears [ew]
4. if i was a pirate would i wear an eyepatch?
5. conservation of energy quiz i have to take
6. my elbow kinda hurts a little now
7. why did my computer speaker jump off my desk and behind near all the wires?

Six Items I Touch Every Day:
1. keyboard
2. my camera
3. my cell phone
4. my hair
5. a pencil//pen
6. my toothbrush

Five Things I Do Everyday:
1. breathe
2. sing and dance like a maniac
3. talk
4. amuse others
5. wake up

Four Songs On My Mind:
1. come what may from moulin rouge
2. someday i'll fly away also from moulin rouge
3. simple and clean from kingdom of hearts
4. incomplete by BSB!!!!!!!!!!!111

Three Things I Think Of When I Wake Up:
1. more sleep?
2. what time is it? [TIME TO GET ROBBED]
3. did i have any dreams?

Two Of My Favorite Foods:
1. raw cookie dough [i just typed "rawr" that amuses me]
2. twix ice cream bars :]

One Thing I would Change About My Life:
1. how others see me
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