August 4th, 2008

Lady Gaga 1

there'll be girls across the nation that'll eat this up

- france is pretty, but salamanca is still my favorite city in the world
- life is confusing. love is confusing.
- i dont feel like listing anything else

i'm really moody lately and i've been acting really weird. i don't know if it's because im around my family and feel i can complain and still be loved or what... but i've also been really homesick. i'm trying so hard to talk to my brother and parents and have fun, and i keep telling myself not to take anything for granted, but i've just been feeling so off. i've been gone since june 30th, and thats the longest i've ever been away from my home, my friends, and my family up until this past week. like we were at dinner the other night and i couldnt figure out what to order and everything was so french and expensive and i didnt understand what anything meant so i started crying. and i was like WTF self??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? but not like sobbing, just silent tears like pouring down my face that i couldn't stop. and my parents were so worried and concerned and my dad was like "it's okay, it doesn't matter, if you get something you dont want to eat, i'll eat it!" and i laughed and all was better. so then i ordered and apparently ordered wrong... so i ended up with like a fish on a plate, head and all and i was like WTF IS THIS FRANCE. don't worry, i took photos with it.

i miss spain and being able to speak/practice spanish. i feel so ignorant here because i don't speak french. the only words i know are "merci" and "bonjour" and "au revoir". i keep catching myself about to say "gracias" and "lo siento" at random times. oh spain, i miss you. but not madrid. madrid was kind of big and scary and my dad almost got pick pocketed on the subway. one day i'd like to live in a big city for a least a year or two, but right now i'd like to stick to something a little smaller. like salamanca. oh salamanca, i miss youuuuu!

we went to the louvre today! but i hated it because it was SOOO CROWDED and my feet hurt and my neck/shoulders hurt from carrying my bags through the airport and so i was not in the mood to walk around. but darryl and i posed with some sarcophagus's so that was cool. and we went to church and some cafe where i ordered white hot chocolate with cookies in it but ended up with coffee with brownies in it? and i hate coffee but i was like whatever so i drank it and it wasnt bad. thats the second time on this trip that i ordered something that wasn't supposed to have coffee in it and received coffee. oh well, i want to learn to like coffee so i guess europe's a good place to start :p

i really want to see the new batman movie.

i bought a scarf today! yayy.

i can see the Eiffel tower from my hotel room (if i stick my head out the window :p)

i miss my friends, especially those that i havent seen in a really really long time. once i get back im going to try really hard to get back in contact with those that i havent seen in forever.

andddddddddddddddddd that's about it.

goodnight, loves ♥
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