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Lady Gaga 1

she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor

just for the attention

Lady Gaga 1
mmm... won a $300 competiton today for my rhyming marketing e-pitch that i did with one kid from my business group.
i was so animated and fabulous. i'm so proud of myself.
and hte judges praised me and i was excited. i love praise haha
but i was really happy cuz i had my awful macro exam... and then winning was just so cool. and i've been really sick today, too which wasnt fun.
and my hair was all puffy and hermione-granger like, which wasn't fun. but maybe it made me smarter.

i was totally born for public speaking.

classes :( & cuddle time tomorrow :)
then going home...

going to bed at 12:16 is totally crazy/wayy early for me, but i need this! :)

oh, and me and julie totally saw this drunk kid dressed in a santa hat outside tonight... and she was like "SANTA!" adn he said "what do you want for christmas little girl?" and she said "umm" and he said "WELL YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANYTHING CUZ YOU'RE NAUGHTY" ... fun times at bryant.

love you allllll