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Lady Gaga 1

she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor

just for the attention

Lady Gaga 1
first day back was fun :) i saw people i love and decorated my walls some more and colored at 4 am and put new photos up on my desk and now i'm happy.

now, i really need to learn to sleep.

Lady Gaga 1
I. Post a comment
II. I give you a letter
III. Post an entry with 10 things you love that start with that letter.

I got U for UNICORN from Mandie! :)

1. Unicorns [obviously]
2. Urbandictionary.com
3. urban myths
4. USA
5. unity among people!
6. umbrella shaped flowers
7. uncles!
8. ugly ducklings ♥
9. unconditional love ♥
10. Utopia