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Lady Gaga 1

she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor

just for the attention

Lady Gaga 1
going back to school tomorrow.

for some reason i feel older.

mmm. need to pack.
i miss my home friends. but i'm excited to see my bryant friends. and i'm excited for a new year/semester/start. i'm not excited for some things though, like sharing a room again. and homework and midterms. sigh. i feel like time just stood still on break, but that it went by way too fast. i didn't get to see a lot of people i really really wanted to spend time with.

oh, and i'm backwards now. i don't get tired until like 5 am when i go to bed then sleep until way late. i've got to fix myself before school starts... tomorrow.

well i'm afraid that i...
well i'm afraid that i...
i lost myself
i lost myselffffffffffffffff