September 15th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

"i heart life"

[-] being tired all day
[-] presenting in english class
[+] eating a blueberry bagel for lunch!
[:O] morgan not sitting with ussss
[haha] corinne drawing hearts on morgan's planner when we were supposed to draw :( faces hahaha
[+] auditioning with me singing BARBIE GIRL by aqua afterschool with emily and kyndra as back up dancers
[+] my audition
[+] erica's audition
[+] rehersing
[+] driving ashley home
[-] almost killing ashey and myself like 4 times


so to elaborate.
afterschool me kyndra adn emily did our dance / i sang to barbie girl... it's fun, i get to sing it in this annoying high pitched voice. i heart lifeee
and i wore high pink boots nad it was amazing and fun. and amusing, of course.

then erica and i ran to brochu's room and had an emergency singing session of both our solo songs [she sang jewel - who will save your soul and i sang the slow version of heaven by dj sammy haha] and then we auditioned... erica did FABULOUS!!!!!!!! :) especially for her first time singing since like 6th grade!

then it was my turn... i was like "okay this isn't bad, there's like 5 people in the audience..." so i started my song when all of a sudden like 20ish people came in from the hallway where they'd been rehersing the opening dance and i was like AHH PEOPLE but i actually did good :) and random people told me that i had a beautiful voice after and i was happy. and now i'm more confident in myself. yay confidence!
then i stayed after til 4 to reherse the dance to "jock jams" which is amazingly fun. i think the senior fashion show is goign to rock hardxcore.

then i drove ashley home, and we talked about how nice it was that everyone got along so well during rehersal, and how people we'd never talked to before were acting like we were all friends. it was nice to be peacefull for a change. like the ending of mean girls when they're all friends.
and no one had to be hit by a bus :)

boo physics quiz tomorrow.
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