July 1st, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

"we're in the kristen pit!"

haha tonight is fun.
in general:
-dan holmes is amazing
-rob is fantastic. and he draws really good.
-steve is wonderfull
-sheila is superb
-melissa is fun
-emily makes me smile
-kriss is a rebel. as am i.

i went to dan's for his birthdayyy and we played karoke revolution... yay for me winning because i sing goooddd and yay kriss and dan because they sing good too :] and yay rob and emily who sang even with a sore throat and steve is fantastic in his own way.
then me and kriss went on a very... interesting adventure at 10:40 at night ;)... leave a comment if you want me to tell you about it haha but it was sooo fun :]

and i have a few pictures from bryant that i took with my old camera that i'm gonna resize soon... then i have to get my disposable camera developed + scan the pictures on that... then i'm going to steal morgan, kyndra, emily, swati, and everyone else's pictures.
then i'll tell you guys more about what we did. but i have to tell you, the entire week was amazing. i felt so comfterable around everyone, and just felt like myself. and i love ahn. and swati who is my new lj friend. and christine who is also going to be my lj friend. and anna who was my quiet but powerful roommate. and tiara, who has her tongue and nose pierced. and lauren who is just amazing. and dante, who rocks so hardcore. and janelle and tiffany who were fabulous. and so many more people i'll talk about when i post my pictures.

my group [the composers] who made the SONIDO SOUND mp3 player placed first in 2/4 events, and 2nd in one event. so yay we won. haha morgan. [just kidding, i love the horse trainers :)]
and i got to rap.
and i did fabulous.
even though i forgot two of my lines.
but i made them up right on the spot and it still sounded perfect :D :D
and yayyy people kept coming up to me after and telling me things. one guy said i looked so comfterable and confident on stage, and i should be an actress and all these other people were saying nice things and i was happy :)
but it was so much fun, omg.
i love life.
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    you better shape up- kriss & i did it as a duet tonight haha