June 15th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

oh shift you touched my asymptote!

i got a 93 on my english exam
boo hamlet. i wanted to do better.
and i think i did pretty good on history... but i dunno my grade yet

pre-calc was today... i think i did okay except for stupid hyperbolas and their asymptotes
then i had spanish... meeerrrhhhh and we had to write an essay on one of four topics... i did mine on about how tv was good for kids haha and the rest of the exam was okay... kinda long though oh well
and then there was a yearbook meeting... not even going into that. but it made me remember why i hate SHS sometimes.
then i saw alicia and corey nad me and alicia have the same vest :O but i've never worn mine ever... it's just chilling somewhere in my closet or drawer or somewhere...
and then i gave molly a ride home... and i was going to go back to orientation but i went to see my mom and talked to a small child for like 10 minutes about summer and hating school... and then i just went home. i'm so tired. i got to bed at around 5 am last night... couldn't sleep... but i kept falling asleep while studying resulting in some odd dreams... but i'm hoping bed before 2 tonight, physics is the only exam... so it shouldnt be too bad, but after physics i'm free! well... i have no band exam after that but then i'm coming back for another yearbook meeting... but then the next day i have no drama exam so me and kriss are going out friday possibly with val and morgan and more people that make me smile a lottttt :]
i feel like i haven't seen all my friends in forever... even though i saw some of them friday. and i have about 40 pics left to resize then i'll post all 130ish pictures from friday on my livejournal! yay parties!
and i haven't taken like any pictures all week... just pics of worksheets and stuff to study. boo i miss taking pictures.
and when i was driving home today i was almost home and then someone dedicated graduation by vitaman c to everyone graduating... so i drove around my block listening to it really loud. and i felt so sad and happy.... and then i pulled into my driveway and saw my neighbor and i felt embarassed to be playing it so loud haha but then i was like whatever i don't care so i kept it on for a while then shut it off and went into my house.

and i never got to eat my cake.
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