June 9th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

"ET... phone home!!"

[-] history test tomorrow.
[-] my elbow hurts. a lot. and i don't know why. i hope i dont have tennis elbow... maybe i sprained it or something?
[+] hamlet rapping
[+] going outside after playing graduation music
[-] not getting to drive my car to school today
[-] friends being sad today :(
[+] watching moulin rouge in drama to see all the songs + plot of it
[+] singing moulin rouge songs in physics with kelly and getting yelled at by the class haha
[-] mr. hurley taking my boncy ball because i was playing with it :[
[+] me stealing mr. hurley's sunglasses and making him give my ball back instead :D
[-] mucho homework :[
[-] history test tomorrow :[
[-] english extra credit stuff to do :[
[-] math review sheets that i have to do
[-] physics sheets grrr
[+] making chris happy because of the card i gave him for his birthday :D!
[-] it's so hot.
[-] the school is really hot.
[-] not being able to concentrate due to heat
[+] i got my haircut yesterday
[-] i had my hair down then had to put it up because it was so hot
[+] emo pictures in band!!
[+] seeing ashley afterschool yay! i havent seen her in forever :O!

and lots of other stuff.
but that was kinda my day... in +//- form.

el fin ♥

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Lady Gaga 1

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i don't really like papa gino's pizza.
but i love their garlic cheese bread ^_^
why am i updating haha
i have homework to do :[
and i did the dolfin handshake with steve today IN PASSING YES.
it was exciting.

right after i cut out my own brain with a spork.