May 31st, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

"when i grow up i want to be a thrill engineer"

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me and kelly brague sang moulin rouge songs in high pitched voices in physics today.
and no one cared.
it was glorious.
and we watched this fantastic 1980's British movie on roller coasters... and they kept calling them "thrill machines" and the people wore wicked funny clothing... and there was a guy named SANDSTORM JILES hahahaha and me corinne and mike kept talking and mr. hurley kept glaring at us :[ haha

mike: [making fun of two guys on one of the rides]: do they just do that... like 'sit on my lap old chap'
mr. hurley: 'quit so, cherrio! that's what we'll do'... no, just kidding


prom friday :]
then SAT's the next morning RAWR :[
but yay katherine and jon and i going to the random warwick school haha :]

it's the senior's last day tomorrow.
i'm going to miss them so much it hurts.
:'( </3
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