May 27th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

"dude, this is like better than spring fest"

tonight was spring fest [where bands play at our school]
and i wore a dress over my pants ^_^ yayy
most of the bands were pretty good, but it got boring after a while so me and jami and steph drove to KFC to visit kriss... "SPRING FEST IS IN MY CAR" hahaha i love them. and then we went to CVS and i bought candy 2 for 99 CENTS. and a bottle of mountain dew for $.99 yessss
and then we drove through the valley blasting barbie girl hahaha and it was so amazing.

then we went back to SHS and jami got out and went to talk to zack and me and steph went to get her car washed yesss and then we had some difficulties haha and then we went back to SHS again and then dan, sheila, trevor, kana and i went in my car and steph went in hers and we drove to Burger King and bought foood and dan won a free shake and we thought he went to the bathroom so we tried to switch tables to confuse him and then realized he was right there in line watching us... opps...
then we drove to KFC to visit kriss again XD ♥!!! and then we left and blasted spice girls through the valley... and all the middle schoolers were like staring and being like ?!?!?! it was beautiful.
and dan was all excited because he'd never cruised the valley before... i felt honored that i was the one who made him lose his cruising-the-valley-virginity.

and then we went back and chilled at the fest for a while, and i talked to corey and alicia and val and chrissy and jon and chris and terri and alyssa and kelly and many more people. AND I SAW SHINI AND NICOLE ♥!! i havent seen both of them in forever :'(

and later we watched mr. sosnowski's band.

and val took a lot of pictures of them with my camera that will be posted very soon.

then it started to rain + lightening at about 8:45... me, corey, alicia, chris and steph looked around for everyone to see where we were going to dinner, but couldn't find anyone... assumed we were still going to chilli's at 9 like planned.... so then we decided to go to chilli's and chris was going to follow me, and then corey called andrew and we found out we actually were going to applebee's.... tried to find chris to tell him but we couldn't, and no one had his cell... so we went to applebee's and he wasn't there, so me and steph left to go to chilli's to try to find him... it was pouring rain and not fun to drive but oh well. and then we got there and didn't see him... we asked and looked all around the restaurant and then just assumed he left, then as we were leaving we saw him!!! and i shouted and then chris was all happy and he said he thought we'd ditched him and he was really sad :( and he said he was just about to cry :(!!! but we found him so now he was happy... then we went to applebee's and FINALLY GOT TO EAT YAYYY
and i stuck stickers on corey's wallet and we talked about cell phones and i ate an oreo shake and nacho's and tried to eat corey's permit... which led to a topic about paper eating.
and i was an angry driver because i had like no sleep last night due to spanish children's book and i kept yelling at cars :[
and then something interesting happened involving windows and jaws ;) hahahaha but i wont get into that.
and then we finished and i drove alicia home in the pouring rain and i could hardly see the lines in the road... :[ but i'm alive yayy and i'm a good driver :D

and that's my story.

wow that was a lot.

&&&i need to find a senior prom dress.
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