May 14th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

"do you know what time it is?" "ITS TIME TO GET ROBBED"

11:30 am - 5:30ish: cleaned my room
6:00ish: erica tells me we want to go see monster in law at 7:15
7:00: arrive at the cinema. call erica to see where she is, realize she is diagnally across from me.
7:00 - 7:06: erica and i talk... call val, and try to figure out where everyone is
7:06: val arrives and we walk to the door, where we see kelley and alex.
7:08: we try to buy tickets, but monster in law is sold out. we leave, planning to go to dinner first, then decide to see kicking and screaming
7:25: after buying popcorn, we watch the movie. it was pretty funny. :]
then we left... and the funniest thing ever happened.
this kid came up to val and was like "do you know what time it is?" and i shout "IT'S TIME TO GET ROBBED" and the kid was so confused haha
[and for those of you that didnt know... my physics teacher [mr. hurley] was on jury duty for this trial, and the robbers robbed a gas station and when they were threatening the teller the guy went "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?" then "it's time to get robbed" and so i just had to say that.]

and then we went to chilli's woot and saw MR. NARCISSI ♥!!! but he was leaving :[
then we ate... and i made everyone laugh a lot haha
"hey look gangsters" haha kelly :]
and then i was making the salt and crackers dance through this window to freak out the people on the other side of the glass... because i'm random and amazing.

and then we went to wendy's and blasted the big butts song because 92 pro fm was playing it... and then erica and val and alex left and i went through the drivethrough and got a free little frostie and a small fry because i felt bad about not buying anything haha and idk where kelley went at this time
then i pulled out of the drivethrough and saw noone... so i called val and she just said we were all going home... so i went home.
and that was my night.
and now i have a lot of homework :[

and happy confirmation to kriss and sheila and dan and all the amazing people that were confirmed!!!

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