May 4th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1


a-- drama; pretended we were animals and had to guess who was what... and me and chrissy were a donkey... i was it's butt :D and i have pictures of that that i will post soon along with the semi and ADVENTURE THROUGH DEERFIELD pics...
then we played charades for like 5.43534 seconds... i'm horrible at it... i was like "I AM EATING GRASS... MOO" yeah too bad you can't talk in charades :X and matt is really good at it. and i got a gravestone that said i drove drunk and died :[ {for those of you who dont know what i'm talking about: anti-drunk driving week they passed out coffins today and whoever had them had to pretend they were dead}
b-- physics; mr. hurley was picked for jury duty... i gave him a tombstone :D then we did a worksheet... quiz tomorrow :[ and i talked to corinne and chris because mike is cool and left our group for another group :(
c-- band; played music. blech.... the flutes are so bad haha except jiwian and heather
d-- precalc; QUIZ POSTPONED :D mr. trudo wasn't there :( and we did like an inclass quiz or whatever it is that i didnt finish...
e-- spanish; talked to jamie jess and steph... did a test outline... let jamie borrow my nailpolish that was convienently in my purse because it matches her jr prom dress :]

afterschool went to teach small children spanish... small children had play practice so no spanish :( but i drove morgan, corinne, and jess home :D and morgan's street has scary poles :[
then i came home... where my mom SAW A RANDOM DOG WALKING AROUND OUR YARD and he was playing with roxie and pongo :] and he was so cute... like a terrier [i took pics of him :D] and i got a leash and put him on it and we walked to our neighbor's house to ask if they knew whose dog it was... he did... and so we went to the neighbor's house and she was like ":O THANK YOU I HAVE NO IDEA HOW HE GOT OUT :(" and then i went home.

then i went to bass lessons. then chelos with my mommy :]
and umm then i came home and did homework.
&umm that was my day if any of you care.

and i guess my printer is so cool that it decided to run out of black ink the night before my term paper is due.
and it refuses to print if even one cartridge runs out.
i tried shaking it and there still sounds like there's ink in it.
stupid ink rebeling and refusing to print.
but thanks val for letting me e-mail this to you and print it... yayyyyyyyyyy

Cinco de mayo manana! :]