May 3rd, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

sheila's name is just breaking all the rules...

[-] my shoulder hurts a lot :[ probably from when i fell in drama XD
[-] i still havent updated my semi pictures to ljjjj :[ I WILL SOON.
[+] teaching small children after school tomorrow
[+] exploring the various lands of smithfield today
[-] math quiz tomorrow
[-] math homework to do
[-] my foot is asleep
[+] my little ponies notebook clip thing from jiwian staring at me from my desk :]
[-] my foot still being asleep
[+] leaving dandelions in mr. hurley's window
[?] writing in my lj
[-] still needing to make a new layout because this one is pobre
[-] chipped nail polish >_<
[+] drama first tomorrow
[-] math long period tomorrow
[+] mr. trudo [aka mr. man] saying "fo shizzle" and "TO THE WALL" [after i said "to the windowwww"] during math class today.
[-] overdue library books ahhh
[+] driving to kirkbrae today and realizing it is unbelieveably easy to get to yayy
[?] japanese cooking show on my tv... it's kind of annoying me. and the lady on it has really straight hair.

&sorry i havent commented like at all this week... i will comment more, i promise. ♥

i want to plant a tree.
well not really.
but trees are still excellent.

I wonder if the dandelions will be in mr hurley's window tomorrow :O
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