April 16th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1

:O i almost lost this rather longentry

yayy science olympiad was fun :]
so i got there at about 9ish... kinda late :/ and ms fagan was like "eep go impound the rocket" [minus eep, she didnt say that] so i went to impound it but then we had to find aaron... and then we found him and then i had to run off to tree event with Jose... and it was fun aka not really... what it was is there are 20 stations, and each station had either a picture of a tree's leaf or a real leaf, and you had to identify it... so i'd made an approx 70 page notebook with tree pictures + facts... and then we used that + the forest guides to identify them, and i had one picture that was EXACTALLY the one they gave us so i was like "YESSS"
much excitement.
and then i left with jose and we met my dad who had brought all our stuff over to us so we could save time :D <3 my daddy so then Jose went off to the airplane event and i went to exp. design... corey + derek wern't there and i was like "GAH I CANT DO THIS ALONE I DONT KNOW WHAT I AM DOING" because i hadnt read anything about it [and later found out Derek and Corey hadn't read anything about it either...] but then they called people in and i was like "eee where are youuu" so i went in and found a table and then they arrived :D and i waved to them and we started our experiment... we were given three cups, three packets of yeast, a thermometer, and we had stop watches and we had to design and experiment and write a report on it... so we tested how different amounts of water affected temperature of yeast in three different amounts... and the lady was like "20 minutes left!" and i'd only done half the table... hadnt started the graph, Derek had only done part of the report and corey had just finished timing... so we just all did random things and actually finished... then left the building and had to jump and run through trees :o
then i went back and chilled wiht mr. hurley and cool peopleee and then went to the fossil event with Ben... ahh ben is amazing at fossils and i felt all inferior :[ but i'm good at finding things in the notebook we'd made :D
and uhh then me and ben left and chilled under an EASTERN HEMLOCK tree and then went back to the meeting place and like no one was there... then i saw val sleeping in the middle of campus outside so i went out and chilled with her lifeless sleeping body and corey who had been sitting on this random wall there... and me and corey called FILIZ <333 and had to hang up though because corey might not have long distance calling :[[[ and my phone = poor and doesnt have long distance :[ so then umm we chilledd and chrissy and gary came outside :D so i talked to themmm and let chrissy listen to her speech on my camera then me and corey went inside for awards and other fun things like guitar playing and such...
and i did bottle rockets sometime before fossils.
and awards... i won a bronze metal in EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN which NONE of us prepared for and which we rushed to finish in like the last 5 minutes...
and then a silver in bottle rockets! woot 17 seconds... but it did better at school :[ and everyone was all happy because SHS won 3rd in the state yayyy <33
and classical won but they lose at life rawrrrr

but yess it was fun. and i will have pictures later because everyone loves pictures.

& :O i almost lost this entry because lj = mean to me but i copied it before i hit submit :DD
the end.
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