April 15th, 2005

Lady Gaga 1


i'm picking up my car tonight sometime between 5 and 6 :]
and science olympiad is tomorrow :/
and history was awesome today haha

& mucho pictures later :]
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Lady Gaga 1

running on very little sleep.

i officially hate every single scientific name of every single tree.
on earth.
especially the quercus family.
and my printer ran out of green or whatever makes green things print green... maybe pink or yellow ink... i'm so tired i cant even remember what colors make green..... wait its yellow duh stupid brain is shutting downnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn but now all my trees for tomorrow printed out blue.
but my car is heree and i love it and i sat and chilled in it for 20 minutes because i'm just that cool.
i visited kriss tonight :]
and even if it isnt the prettiest color, it is still excellent.
and i stuck a plastic frog on one of the shelves beneath the cd thinggg and a HOT PINK FF0099 rubber duck on the dashboard :D but i have to velcro the duck down so it wont slide whenever i turn.
and uhh other stufffff

it feels like 2 am.

&my icon is the best thing ever. ph3@r it.
i'm kinda creeped out whenever i look at my friends page and see it in my entries though :o
and only corinne and morgan understand it as of right nowww

& i miss all the children in spain :[

i hope i can actually relax next week... this week was so busy... :[ </3 but making notes in history and pretty cards make me happy <333
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    that song that goes "i'm soooo caught up! caught up!"