April 1st, 2005

Lady Gaga 1


happy april fools day children!
my day;
6:15 - i wake up and have a horrible stomach ache and headache. my mom asks me if i want to go to school and i say i do, but she tells me to go back to bed since i'm not feeling well
9:30 - my mom wakes me up to tell me she's going to work, my headache is gone, but my stomach ache still exists :[
1:45is - steph calls me to see why i didn't go to school... i dont get up quick enough and dont get to the phone on time. i call her back at her house but she's no there so i call her cell and talk to her for a few minutes

but i feel better now :]
and i think i'll still go to skating night tonight

but if anyone knows what i missed in pre-calc, spanish, or english tell me plzkthx<3