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Lady Gaga 1

she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor

just for the attention

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(no subject)
Lady Gaga 1
so... my mom just gave me permission to get a tatoo?

i just need to find/draw a pretty enough design.

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Congrats! Where're you getting it? I've been wanting one for a while, but they're obnoxiously expensive :(. Have fun/good luck though!

haha i have no clue if i'm even going to go through with it (yet) since i dont have a design or anythign and i dont want to mess it up since it's permanant haha

That's awesome, Pookie! You should definitely get one. Just make sure to think about it a lot <3

You should get like a massive one! Something cool and slightly evil looking :-P

Or you can get a Celtic knot....Those are always classy....


I have four stars on my shoulder blade. I recommend getting it in a place that is easy to hide under clothing, because people wil comment it. Trust.

I say go for something that symbolizes you. I personally dont like words tattooed, but if you like the, hell. It's your body.


Pictures if it does happen?

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