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She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Jan 2006|12:50pm]
"Taco Bell to oust Barnyard Chicken"

1 cheers darlin'

[26 Oct 2005|02:39am]
I just realized that 3 Doors Down was playing on my iTunes while I was facebooking and myspacing, mostly interneting in general and I felt very lame, overall.

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[14 Oct 2005|01:05pm]
I don't want to dry my hair so I guess I'll update.

I've made friends at the Y now and they're all pretty awesome. We all went to California Pizza Kitchen the other night and it was awesomeee until Jason tossed my salad all over Huntington Avenue. >:0

Last night I was up until 4:30 doing my chem lab, but only because I procrastinated in every way possible. I was downstairs playing with drunk kids, upstairs watching Cruel Intentions 2 with Jason and Pat Crane, running around with Jackie, getting food etc. I'll get the hang of this homework thing at some point.

Today I really want to go to Downtown Crossing or Cambridgeside because I need to return a sweater to H&M and possibly get a different one.

Fuck the cold/rainy/sick weather, go away.

I really should be getting ready for Chem class.

I'll leave you with some pictures from our Quincy Market trip the other day

The sidewalks are watching me think about you lalalalaCollapse )

PS. I applied for a work study job at the African American Institute, hahah <3 I love Northeastern
4 cheers darlin'

[08 Sep 2005|09:56pm]
I'm in Dol's dorm room and I am quiteeee intixzicate\d./

College is excellnt and I dont have class until 11:30 tomorrow or something so that's sweet. my chem lab got cancelled.

Basically you should read Kerrys jouranl if you'd like to see what ive been up to. Im too lazy to type it all.

I lovw it here.


Comment and things because im awesome.
1 cheers darlin'

(c) HOPE, 2005 [28 Aug 2005|09:17pm]
[ mood | okay ]

brooke and caitlin, a chronologyCollapse )
3 cheers darlin'

EDIT: [26 Aug 2005|11:34am]
Yesterday was a really fun day.

Angelo came over in the morningish and hung out with me until Caitlin came to get me. We went to SHAG in south boston to get crazy hair cuts before college, and I think we succeeded quite well. Bangs! Layers! Angles! <3 Shag is the sweetest place I've ever been and I think I'm going to have to save up some money to get my haircuts there regularly.

"So I have this friend, and he just got cancer! So now he's bald, but that's TOTALLY okay because I'm bald, and well, bald is totally in right now"

"My (26 year old) girlfriend lives in NYC, but that's okay, it means we don't have to be monogamous, because I mean, we're going to cheat on eachother anyway."

-----> Caitlin's mom's cousin/Our hair stylist - Steven, 50ish

After we did that, got lost, and almost died twice, Caitlin and I made it home to pick up Brooke, Carolyn and Karolyn only to head back to Boston for Cait, Brooke and Karolyn's last hoorah in Boston before leaving for NYC this weekend. :(:( We went to Other Side and I had a very messy tuna melt and then we went to Urban and I didn't buy anything! But only because they didn't have the shoes I want in my size. Then we went to JP Licks of course and sat in the teacup with our ice cream. We made it home around 10:30 and said bye then I went to Tone's house where the boys were playing poker, then Angelo came back to my house and I went to bed.

This weekend is going to be so good I'm so excited! I have plans! Today Cait, Brooke, Carolyn and I are going to get coffee with Mr. Lack before we leave for school, and then tonight we're going to Hope's for some crunk. AND THEN Saturday is a beach day! Followed by Fire and Ice at night with girls from work. Yayyyy <3 If you want to give me Sunday plans I'll love it because then I'll have a nice fun filled weekend.
3 cheers darlin'

[12 Aug 2005|01:28am]


7 cheers darlin'

[06 Aug 2005|05:07pm]
Angelo got me an amp for my car! Well, I think it's just until he gets a good enough car to use it, but still! YES.

I'm about to go see Coldplay at Tweeter with Brooke. Should be fun, I'm excited.

I bought a bunch of dorm stuff today. My ironing board is cuter than yours.

Today has been a good day.
And it can only get better ;];];];];];]

p.s $PDC is for lovers.
2 cheers darlin'

[14 Jul 2005|01:30am]
Today Caitlin and I went on a shopping spreeee! To H&M and Urban.

My mom paid for about $80 of it because at orientation she LOST a bag with my Wranglers and my favorite preggers tube top in it. Thanks mom I like this better <3

I BOUGHT SO MUCH STUFF. OH MY SKDFJ. Here is just some of it.

My favorite T-Shirt in White, Grey and Light Brown <3333

This lovely shirt that I've wanted for-ev-er for $9.99

Only it's green and maroon <3

A white tank top with a crochet/lace thing going on at the top


And uh, two bras, a skirt, two tank tops of sorts, a longsleeveish shirt, a necklace and two pairs of earrings at H&M. And a necklace and Newbs, go figure.

I also finished Angelo's birthday shopping, 5 months late and bought him some very tight brown and blue striped boxer briefs from H&M which are histerical and a wicked cute grey hoodie and a couple polos.

2 cheers darlin'

Oh, Wilkee. [14 Jul 2005|12:26am]
List five songs you are currently digging... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now.
Post these instructions, the artists, and the five songs in your blog.

Then tag five other people to see what they're listening to.

Tagged by WILKEE!

Top Five Songs:
1. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight by Bob Dylan
2. Amy In The White Coat by Bright Eyes
3. Happiness by Elliott Smith
4. In Bed All Day by Tilly and the Wall
5. Temptation by New Order

Now you do it.

7 cheers darlin'

[02 Jul 2005|12:31am]
Today started off with work 8:30 to 4 which wasn't all that bad. When I was leaving Family Night was starting and everyone was dressed up in 50's attire, it was cute. I came home after and tried to be quick but I wasn't really, and ended up rushing to the church instead of going to Angelo's house beforehand. Then we all piled into a van and headed to the SOX GAME..

Which we don't want to talk about, due to the final score being Toronto 15, Boston 2. But, Angelo got a free towel and Kirby got kicked out in the 7th inning for smoking.

So then we took the T home and an old man smacked me in the face with his shoulder on his way out and it hurt. Then we got back to the church after I fell asleep in the car and I drove little Sean Broderick home.

Now Angelo is coming over for a little even though I have work at 9.

The end.
1 cheers darlin'

[29 Jun 2005|09:07pm]
Well boys and girls, I was lying to you when I said I would be attending two games this week, for Angelo surprised me with tickets to today's game! Which they won, by the way.

Meaning, three games in one week.

YES. :]
2 cheers darlin'

[28 Jun 2005|11:51am]

It was still wicked fun though, seriously.
1 cheers darlin'

[EDIT EDIT EDIT] [26 Jun 2005|08:49pm]
I've had a really nice weekend. :]

On thursday, Carolyn, Brooke and I went into Boston to go to NU and get a sweatshirt, as well as do some shopping and I got some very cute things from Urban and some earrings. After that we went out to dinner in Wellesley to Lemon Thai and I had pad thai for the first time and loooved it<3 as well as SCALLION PANCAKES which I highly recommend. Then we went back to holliston and found Caitlin, and ended up going to the res. We hung out and yelled at people across the way anddd then went to find them which ended up being just very scary. People should NOT hook up in their shady cars at random reservoirs :[ ;]

Friday I really don't remember what I did but I know I worked at night, and that probably sucked.

Saturdayyyy I had work 2:30-9:30 and it was dumber than EVER. Now we have to bring everyone's groceries to their cars for them, and it's entirely redundant and none of the customers are into it. Then I got off work and Angelo was home from the wedding so I went to Bryan's and hung out with them, Russell and Jake for a little while until Angelo lost at poker and we schemed a plan for the rest of the night. We ended up at his house wickeddddddd crunk and thought it might be a good idea to give eachother lots of hickeys. Hahah. So now I think I have a grand total of 11 and my mother and brother just saw them becuase I am an IDIOT and I was parading around in a tank top. Sweeeeet.

This morning I woke up in Angelo's sauna room and headed to work 11-6:30 which was the worst thing ever because I was so so so tired and sooooooooo hot. But it's okay because I'm home now with the best popsicles everrrrr and hopefully hanging out with Angelo quite shortly.

Sox game tomorrow :] :] :] Thumbs up for good seats and Dad paying for everything.
2 cheers darlin'

[24 Jun 2005|09:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Looks like I'll be attending not one, but TWO Red Sox games this week.

Monday with my dad, against Cleveland and Saturday with Angelo + others against Toronto

I have never been so excited

Go Sox!

cheers darlin'

[01 May 2005|01:58am]
happy birthday party to meCollapse )
10 cheers darlin'

[14 Apr 2005|10:43pm]
welcome to art threeCollapse )

See you next monday when I come home!

Germany Austria Lichtenstein Switzerland France

10 cheers darlin'

so you don't have to be a chump [10 Apr 2005|09:00am]
Yesterday Caitlin Brooke and I went into Boston.
Saw Kerry and Dol before we got on the T.
Spent 2 hours in Filene's Basement bargain shopping and did really well.
Didn't buy anything at Urban! I'm so proud of myself.
Met up with Carolyn, Coco, Jess and Zane and then went to various places.
Jess left abruptly and the rest of us made our way to Ben and Becca's.
Lord and Taylor on the way, found the dress I wanted for prom and found out it didn't fit me.
Had a beer once we got there and Becca GAVE ME a whitewithredstripes Adidas jacket just because it didn't fit her. :)asddf
Then we made our way home on the T.
Hope happened to get on the same train as us half way home.
Then we all drove home really fast and I dropped Caitlin off and went home to Angelo who sort of helped me pack.

Really really good day. :)

Today I'm heading up to UVM with Tristam to visit and such until Tuesday so I'm going to go finish packing. :)
cheers darlin'

au revoir mes amis [31 Mar 2005|09:02pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aw today was my last day at my internship
They made me cards with sad faces on them and cookies!
I miss my babies already </3
2 cheers darlin'

[29 Mar 2005|11:10pm]
I want a haircut.


So please, please help me. :( Give me ideas
7 cheers darlin'

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