___grace (___grace) wrote,

a night of champions

so last night courtknee came over and we went to the gas station and got some food and then we came home and " studied" but really we just rubbed fast breaks all over her paper. Then we went to eat with my mom and we had some steak and then we came home. We talked on the internet and then found some freeze blaster and SPRAYED IT on the ancestors and freezed deans chair. Then we watched some nappy d and drank red bull and then we decided it was in our best interest to drink watch fern gully and we watched it and laughed really hard bc it was so funny. Then we woke up to my stupid family making noises so we went and got in my bed and we woke up at like 12:30 and my mom was like HELLO IM NOT LEAVING UNITL YOU DECIDE so we got ready and lindy and popz picked us up and her dad was like GRACE YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY. SO then we went to barnes and noble and saw everyone we knew and then we went to best buy and this random red head was hitting on courtney and watching her with rapist eyes. Then her parents got some feed and we went back to her house for a bit and then i came home. thursday courtney and allison and i are going to cmm to chat with all our old teachers

people need to grow the fuck up. I have the decency to atleast smile at you.
some people will never ever change.
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