___grace (___grace) wrote,

mr jones strikes up a conversation with a black haired flamenco dancer

today was ok. I took a science test and it was mega easy which is good but whenever I think I did good on a test i usually failed it so I am not going to say I did well.Math is gay and I hate it and Mrs. Awalt is a duck. Then in latin we did some more things. And in health we didn't even do anything which I didn't have a problem with. Then in mr knox he was a funny guy and we were learning some new shit and I just didn't even pay attention. I am not paying attention to anything right now bc im busy thinking about midterms and new things will just confuse me. For the 2nd semester I really need to get my crap together or else NO MORE MAGNET. oh and in mrs combest I presented my project and I gave out truffles and people were happy and ms combest said BLOODY ANUS and i laughed. Then Ryan picked me up at like 4:15 like a good guy and we went to his old drum teacher and then I came home and i had a CELL PHONE YES. I think this weekend Courtno is coming over to spend the night and study if she wants to. im going to go be lazy and unproductive.

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