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today was a day!

ok day

science- Did some weird worksheet that was like IF A VOLCANO EXPLODED WHAT WOULD YOU DO and I put I would speed away
math- died and learned about polynomials
latin- studied the third declension..CARL DIDNT TALK TO ME ! I was soo happy.
health- hahaha yes coach stokes is so hot. I missed that cowardly beast.
free ent- made a list of current events
combular- took a test about red badge of courage... i made a 80 % and then comby talked and said funny things

then i went to the matress place to test matresses with my mom and shes getting a tempurpedic and this grotsky guy was like LAY DOWN AND FEEL THE SOFTNESS and i was like uh ok. So then I walked to Barnes and Noble and got some things and then my mom was like GOTTA PICK UP THE DOGS so we went to the vet and picked up our three stupid jack russels and they were buzzing out and it was pretty funny. Now I have to study for science and work on my paper. haha ok well im leaving. bye!
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