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haha i forgot when i flushed my hand down the toilet. hahahahahah thats so funny. I wish I could have gotten that on video tape. haha and i also forgot anupam and abi called allison and allsion sat in the dirty clothes hamper and talked to them. Umm...

ZzAuToBOmBzz: i have ur number ill might call u

hahahaha. niiiice. indian loven'. I'm going to work on my biography project and attempt to read Red Badge of Courage which is fucking impossible to read. Maybe I'm just stupid. But ok here's the plan.

me+good grades= cell phone plus going out with my friends a whole lot more= funxxxtimez. i love those girls.

HOLY MOLY I HATE MY FUCKING COMPUTER. It won't play sound. Thanks, asshole.
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