___grace (___grace) wrote,

I just got back from Miranda's were Allison and Courtney and Miranda and me had a fun sleepover. We stayed up till 4 but then I fell asleep. But New Years eve Holly and Morgan joined us so we all lit fireworks and i licked tooth paste of courtneys finger and we sprayed miranda's mouth with butter spray and then we watched the "ball drop" and acted really cool and called random people. And then her sister was liek harassing us and walked in her bathroom where we were all congregating or something and it was so funny. I'm going to make a friends only journal entry. Ok so then I came home and my mom made potato soup and then I came and got online. I have soo much school shit to do. GROSS ASS. And Miss Combest sent me an email saying I had no more bonus points. uhmmm ok.
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