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flashy baby<3

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holy shit. [
November 15, 2007
i haven't used live journal in forever. it's been over 2 years. i look back at all of my old entries and all i have to say is WHAT A DUMBASS I WAS. hahahaha. but anyways, things are so different now and my life is actually starting to unfold. i love it<3. 
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July 11, 2005
i am absolutely in love with john gaudio !!
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prom day/night was amazing. [
May 23, 2005


aww how wonderful was prom day/night. so much fun. got pampered like a fucking queen. prom itself was stupid as hell and sucked ass but before and after was fun...if you catch it. chilled with people after for a little bit. the limo was amazing. haha only people at prom with a limo. my dress was fantastic and my boyfriend was the best looking thing there. i only have pics from before prom because other ones are getting developed & then we got professional ;).


underneath the cut is total beauty <3Collapse )

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October 21, 2004



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