i miss pickle, i miss having friends, i miss the mungia brothers, i miss church, and the top floor of parking lots. and a bunch of other things.</td>


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way too many times i feel like i have to prove my exsistance.

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yeah, its raining, and i love it like every other person,
i love every part rain, except when it spinkles, and you just
atrat smelling liek wet dog after you dry up. i the overcast,
and i love how it sky looks so clear after it rains. i liek
that the ground it wet, and theres a few puddles along the way,
i feel like rain cleans eveyr thing up. julie and i walked home
in the rain today, i got drenched, my hair is sitll pretty wet,
i guess it was okay. hopefully neither of our
colds got worse. me having a short sleeve sweater, and wearing
beaded indian shoes didnt help much in the rain. the weather is
getting cold and i need more winter clothes. hopefully i find
something atsalvation army on wendsday. i ve been really indifferent
about alot of things and i havnt been thinking too much, so i guess im
content. in that im not depressed. but really i think i need a new
batch of people to meet and get to know. i feel like i ve got too know
alot of people and there is no one i careto get to know. i found good,
but temporary. people in this small city is just all so self centered,
and close minded. im really going to consider this moving situation.